Protect Your Furniture with the Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector


Cat Scratch Sofa Protector,Cat Scratching Couch Protector with 19.7''L*23.6''W Natural Sisal for Protecting Couch Sofa Chair (Right Hand)


As cat owners, we understand the frustration of finding scratch marks on our beloved furniture. Our feline friends need to scratch, but it often comes at the expense of our couches and chairs. The Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector offers a perfect solution to this common problem, combining functionality and style to keep your furniture safe and your cat happy.

High-Quality Material for Your Furry Friend

The Oroonoko scratching mat is crafted from high-quality natural sisal fabric, an eco-friendly and durable material that is perfect for cats. Sisal is a natural fiber known for its resilience and resistance, providing your cat with a satisfying scratching experience. The flexibility and practical design of this mat make it a convenient addition to any home.

Ultimate Furniture Protection

Protect your furniture from cat scratches with the Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector. Designed to cover the sides of your sofa or chair, this protector ensures that your furniture remains scratch-free even when you are not home. The large size (23.6" x 19.7") offers extensive coverage, making it an ideal choice for protecting your couch or chair. Before purchasing, ensure your sofa's side dimensions meet these measurements.

Durable and Eco-friendly

The natural sisal fabric used in the Oroonoko protector is non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it safe for your pets and the environment. Its long-lasting durability ensures that your cat can enjoy scratching without damaging your furniture. The sisal provides enough resistance to give your cat a satisfying scratch while keeping your sofa in pristine condition.

Easy Installation

The Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector is designed for quick and easy installation. It can be effortlessly placed on your sofa or other furniture without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your home decor. Please note that this protector is specifically designed for sofas that meet the following conditions:

  1. The sofa can use leg ties.
  2. The thickness of the sofa armrest is within 12 inches.
  3. The side area of the sofa is at least 19.7”W x 23.6”L.

Ensure your sofa meets these criteria before purchasing to guarantee a secure fit.

Stylish and Functional Design

Available in dark grey, the Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector blends seamlessly with most home interiors. It not only protects your furniture but also maintains the beauty of your living space. This protector is designed for the right-hand side of the sofa (when sitting on the couch), making it a versatile and practical solution for your home.


The Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector is the ultimate solution for cat owners looking to protect their furniture while providing their cats with a satisfying scratching surface. Made from high-quality natural sisal, this eco-friendly and durable protector ensures your sofa remains scratch-free. Easy to install and stylishly designed, it blends perfectly with your home decor. Keep your furniture safe and your cat happy with the Oroonoko Cat Scratch Sofa Protector.

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