fluffy brown cat laying on a white couch and looking front
"A clear-cut vision of empowering pets and their owners, expressed in a contemporary design language voiced with purposeful intent"

A genuine ethos

We value the little things, innocent moments of pure surprise & unfading excitement, an event that may drive us and our pets to discover bits of life deeper, often in a more meaningful and loving way.

In light of that working agenda, our responses revolve around sustainable, purposeful and well-thought design resolutions, sympathetic to everyday living while embedding a touch of warmth & lightness found in nature onto the final product.
sewing materials laid on a piece of brown cotton sheet
Product philosophy

As an extension of our minimal ways, our products are carefully crafted to reflect true and direct intention. No gimmicks, no overpromises.

ePet goes to great lengths to ensure that each and every piece is made sustainably and ethically, showcasing the highest craftsmanship and dedication for better living with your cat and dog.

Our gratidute, to you

We are truly honored seeing our passion unfolding in your homes and we hope our products will bring the joy they were meant for, spread along many years to come.

Alone, we can do so little; together,
we can do so much

'Helen Keller'
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