white cat standing inside dark grey little wool cave epet
cat with grey stripes sitting inside wool cocoon  bed by epet
white cat sitting inside handmade sleeping wool bed by epet
white cat sleeping inside handmade wool ball bed
cat with grey stripes poking head outside white wool cave
white cat jumping out of handmade sleeping wool bed by epet
cat poking head outside light grey wool cave
cat snoozing inside white epet wool ball shaped cave

    Little Caves

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    A most-familiar premium retreat for your feline to rest & escape to, and a seamless decoration for your interior. Made from 100% Natural Merino wool, this is a quintessential solution for a healthy, long lasting and deep snooze.
      100% natural & organic Merino wool from New Zealand (wet felting)
      Sleep comfort
      Little caves are an ideal sleeping haven for felines. The enclosed space & materials of the bed, instinctively allow a cat to feel safe, warm and comfortable. Wool is additionally characterized for it’s thermostatic fiber quality, denoting that the temperature inside the cocoon will always stay balanced on all four seasons of the year. Beyond physical comfort, studies indicate that cats are naturally attracted to wool scent (lanolin).
      How to use
      Simply remove the cave from the box and unfold into a ball. Allow a few days for heat & moisture to help relax and release any wrinkles that may be apparent from the folding. The cave can occupied by your pet directly off the box.
      1. Where/How are Little Caves made?
      Little Caves are brought into life in Nepal - Kathmandu from highly skilled artisans with many years of experience. Perfected by generations specializing in felting crafts, a unique technique has been adopted where numerous wet strands of wool are layered together and shaped to form the final cave.

      2. Are harmful chemicals used in any part of the process?
      Little caves are made from 100% natural materials & organic dyes.

      3. Merino wool vs synthetic?
      Synthetic wool is artificially made from polymerized chemicals where most beneficial attributes of organic wool in this case are absent. The material’s structure is entirely different and while an untrained human eye may not be able to distinguish the differences , your cat sure will.

      4. How to clean and care for your product?
      Wool does not need to be washed frequently as it naturally repels odour, bacteria and stains. However in the event that you wish to wash your product, cold water with wool detergent or fragrance-free soap can be applied to gently scrub the surface of the cave and left to air-dry for at least 16 hours.

      For weekly maintenance if required, a standard vacuum with a soft bristle brush is more than sufficient. Small stains can be neutralized by dampening a lint-free cloth with vinegar or lemon along with water and gently rubbing them off.

      5. Can I use catnip with Little Caves?
      Yes, catnip can be applied into Little caves to make it more approachable for hesitant cats. However, in most cases this is not required.

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      white kitty sitting inside a little wool cat cave with a green chair and a white wall in the background
      closeup sample piece of natural wool ball
      Pure Wool

      Natural soft & plush Merino wool, from rich fields of New Zealand.

      A traditional wet felting technique adopted by generations of artist's in Kathmandu.

      Refined further by via wet felting, a technique which has been adopted by generations of skilful artists in Kathmandu - A most comfortable and protected retreat haven for your cat.

      closeup of white cat peeking outside a little wool cave bed of dark grey colour
      Natural benefits

      Beyond its luxurious looks & Feel, Organic unprocessed wool presents a wide variety of beneficial attributes for pets, arranging the perfect foundation for a great home.

      side closeup view of a white cat with brown stripes, sitting inside a wool cat bed with one leg hanging outside the little cave
      Little caves

      Naturally, cats are social, curious and active creatures, maintaining high levels of interaction through-out a day, yet the majority of their time is spent resting or snoozing away in cozzy quiet area.

      Little caves have been designed with that in mind, providing a warm safe retreat for your cat to enjoy night n’ day, while blending seamlessly with existing furnishings of your home.

      The rounded cave-like structure encourages a sense of security and allows for passive sound isolation, crucial qualities for a cat's long-lasting nap. Soft merino wool layering further adds to superior comfort and aesthetics, maintaining both tempting cool temperatures in summer and warm in winter. A sizable circularly-cut opening, improves visibility and inside access. Sized for large & small felines.

      Little caves are also care-friendly and fully washable, the perfect loving gift for your furry friend.

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