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    Oile - Premium Hemp Seed Oil

    $42.90 $50.00
    An enhanced natural & organic daily supplement for pet wellbeing, ample in essential fatty acids (Perfect ratio 3:1, Omega-6 / Omega-3) and other elemental vitamins and minerals necessary for a balanced nutrition.
      Premium Australian hemp seed oil (cold-extraction)
      Health benefits
      Oral use:
      Wellbeing improvement | Pain & anxiety relief | Boost energy levels | Skin health | Ease sleep | Inflammation reduction | Alleviate digestion & bad breath | Nail health

      External/Topical benefits:
      Improve fur, coat & dry-skin | Heal scars, cracked paws | Inflammation soothing
      When & How to use
      Used once daily as a nutritional health supplement. Oil can be dispensed into food or taken directly orally (conveniently measured in pumps).

      Daily serving guide
      Weight: <5kg 5-10kg 10-25kg >25kg
      Pumps: 1p 2p 3p 4-5p

      *p = pump
      1. Will it get my pet high?
      No, your pet can never get high on hemp seed oil. Oile is extracted from seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, using a method called “cold-pressing”. By using this extraction process, the healthy essence of the oil is seperated from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Namely, even if the whole bottle was consumed at once, no hallucinations or adverse effects would be experienced.

      2. Can hemp seed oil be used externally?
      Yes, in addition to consuming hemp seed oil, Oile can also be applied externally to improve & moisturise fur, relieve dry skin conditions, or as a topical treatment for scars and cracked paws.

      3. Is it suitable for other animals?
      Oile is not just limited to dogs & cats. It can be incorporated into any other pet’s nutrition diet safely, as long as the serving size is adjusted respectively.

      4. Is this legal?
      By all means! Hemp seed oil is not to be confused with CBD oil. Oile comfortably passes all legal requirements in Australia (Current THC limit <0.005%).

      5. Have another question?
      Please contact us at

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      David Westhead

      Ziggy is a happier and more active dog altogether. He was diagnosed with anxiety a few months ago and this really works! Can't recommend enough, thank you.


      I really like this bottle. Second week now and starting to see results! Will update further down the line.

      Best hemp seed oil bottle out there, hands down.

      Really well thought product and quick postage. The quality of the Oile is unlike any other dropper bottle I've used in the past for my old german shepherd. Coming from someone who has been using hemp seed oil for a year now, this is the brand you want to go with. Great product overall and reasonably priced!

      a yellow sample drop from oile hemp seed oil
      Liquid drops of gold

      Earths natural remedy for a prolonged & healthy life.

      Enriched with super-nutrients and proteins that are imperative in restoring and maintaining a pet's wellbeing and mental senses.

      Learn more
      A natural choice

      Widely-recognized for its valuable effects on animals, hemp seed oil can aid supporting your furry companion in numerous areas:

      closeup view of green cannabis hemp plant with blurred leaves in the background
      The origins

      Ever-increasingly recognised as one of the oldest and most nutritional plant’s for human & animal consumption, hemp is resurging across the world as “the preminent organic diet” for a healthy balanched lifestyle in urban environments where good & natural sources of nutrients is often lacking.

      Unlike other synthetic formulations which may present unawanted risks and side-effects, Oile is extracted from 100% natural hemp seed’s that are locally sourced in the heart of South Australia, on fertile and bountiful farms of pure evergreen plantation at perfect climate conditions.

      We work directly with our farmers & suppliers to ensure the best possible quality of our products while still maintaining optimal care for the land and environment.

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